Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my eyes are open now

Today god protected me. I feel like i betrayed him, i feel like god has forgotten me but he showed me tha he didnt.
i could have been a corpse laying in a body bag with my name and todays date on a dog tag
I be a man who so arrengently shuned all the ideas of the world and the ideas of god
which left me blind and acustumed to the dark pits of doubt and pain
before today i had my i closed i can only dream of the storm and rain
i could only invision negativity and complained about all the good things
and applueaded the bad
but now i open my eyes after the dream became a picture of death
so has one rightous sinner who has seen the error of his ways and is now re-evaluating himself
see that one error was the only concern was himself
no matter who i hurt in the pursuit of my own happiness
i continued to walk and spit in the faces of angels like i was consumed by the greed
of a demon.
but now my eyes are open.

the reason for that poem(my eyes are open now)
I was driveing down the turnpike today trying to make it to school it was raining really hard. The rain was so hard that i can barely see anything not even the lines on the road. i was going 45 miles per hour and my car spun out of control i hit the median, and spun across four lanes and hit another car and into another median. And i know i could have died but god blessed me, and i was able to walk away with an injured shoulder, and a leg injury no broken bones and no major problem.I cant say that about my car but i survived and i am thankful............