Saturday, December 10, 2011

How To Cheat Mannual

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Versatile the mixtape please listen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dirty Love Part 1

Man i can't wait to get off Work i need to relieve some stress and i know Karen is home waiting on me. Karen is my wife I met her when i was in high school she has always been beautiful she is five foot two slender with a caramel complexion. she came from a poor family, both her parents where drug addicts her mother did whatever she could to get her hands on drugs like cocaine, heroine, and crystal meth. Her father was the same and introduced her mother to the world of prostitution and she eventually started to do porn.

The entire neighborhood new of Karen's mother career and her father's drug addiction. So the other students would tease her and bring in D.V.D's of porn with her mother on the cover. Karen hated going to school but she was determined to make something of herself and not be like both her parents. Karen had to work to feed herself and pay for the things she needed like shoes,clothes,food, and save money to go to college as well as studying and doing her homework. i met Karen one day when i was leaving school i had plan on skipping class because i didn't want to be there. And as I'm walking out of class into the hallway i see this beautiful girl sitting there crying and for some reason i could not just walk past her without saying anything, for some odd reason i wanted to be there for her. I sat down next to her and i just put my arm around her and said "its OK" and from that moment on her and i didn't spend a day without each other and she is now my wife.

I am an A and R at Alive Records Karen is a criminal defense lawyer in the music industry so we are both doing very well. We have a 2 Story house with seven bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a pool and six cars. Life is good and its Friday and i am ready to unwind i cant wait to see My wife I've been thinking about her all day. On top of her being beautiful she is a freak she love sex just as much as i do and i must say she is very good at it. the things she could do with her mouth I'm getting hard just thinking about it, let me call her and tell her I'm on the way home and to be ready for me.

Finally I'm home and I'm ready as soon as i see Karen im going to Rip Her clothes off and take her right there. Karen! "where You at Baby!" Hmm i wonder where she is. Karen! I know she here all the cars are here, Karen! I think i hear something coming from the guest room, but why would she be there? the closer i get the the guest bedroom i hear moaning What the Fuck is going on? I know She is Not Fucking Someone in My house!! KAREN WHAT THE-- Oh and there She is Karen my beautiful Wife laying there Naked Playing with her soaking wet pussy waiting for me to come home and fill her up with this nine inch dick...

To be continued...

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