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How To Cheat Mannual

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Versatile the mixtape please listen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dirty Love Part 1

Man i can't wait to get off Work i need to relieve some stress and i know Karen is home waiting on me. Karen is my wife I met her when i was in high school she has always been beautiful she is five foot two slender with a caramel complexion. she came from a poor family, both her parents where drug addicts her mother did whatever she could to get her hands on drugs like cocaine, heroine, and crystal meth. Her father was the same and introduced her mother to the world of prostitution and she eventually started to do porn.

The entire neighborhood new of Karen's mother career and her father's drug addiction. So the other students would tease her and bring in D.V.D's of porn with her mother on the cover. Karen hated going to school but she was determined to make something of herself and not be like both her parents. Karen had to work to feed herself and pay for the things she needed like shoes,clothes,food, and save money to go to college as well as studying and doing her homework. i met Karen one day when i was leaving school i had plan on skipping class because i didn't want to be there. And as I'm walking out of class into the hallway i see this beautiful girl sitting there crying and for some reason i could not just walk past her without saying anything, for some odd reason i wanted to be there for her. I sat down next to her and i just put my arm around her and said "its OK" and from that moment on her and i didn't spend a day without each other and she is now my wife.

I am an A and R at Alive Records Karen is a criminal defense lawyer in the music industry so we are both doing very well. We have a 2 Story house with seven bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a pool and six cars. Life is good and its Friday and i am ready to unwind i cant wait to see My wife I've been thinking about her all day. On top of her being beautiful she is a freak she love sex just as much as i do and i must say she is very good at it. the things she could do with her mouth I'm getting hard just thinking about it, let me call her and tell her I'm on the way home and to be ready for me.

Finally I'm home and I'm ready as soon as i see Karen im going to Rip Her clothes off and take her right there. Karen! "where You at Baby!" Hmm i wonder where she is. Karen! I know she here all the cars are here, Karen! I think i hear something coming from the guest room, but why would she be there? the closer i get the the guest bedroom i hear moaning What the Fuck is going on? I know She is Not Fucking Someone in My house!! KAREN WHAT THE-- Oh and there She is Karen my beautiful Wife laying there Naked Playing with her soaking wet pussy waiting for me to come home and fill her up with this nine inch dick...

To be continued...

Scream my name Feat Teddy

Monday, December 28, 2009


Sex what does that word mean to you? When you think of sex do you think of pleasure and ecstasy or do you think of something deeper? For some it can be a drug an addiction an overwhelming feeling of need and desire to the point it hurts to not have sex. The issue is that passion has become a missing factor in the bedroom and sex is just an orgasm. Now in days people don’t have to know the person’s name to have sexual relations with someone and finding someone to have intercourse with is no longer a challenge. Now could the fact that it is easy to find someone to have intercourse with can be the cause of the lack of passion during sex? In my opinion it’s a definite possibility. Something that used to be private and meaningful has become a meaningless moment of bliss and some cases accidental reproduction.

“It’s all in good fun and adventure I was being spontaneous” is what a 20 year old college girl said after a night at a popular night club. She met a guy at the club he bought her a few drinks, she danced with him for a few songs, and she ended up going back to his place. She had sex with him and left the next morning not knowing the guy’s name or anything about him, she didn’t even know if she used protection. She was not worried she does it all the time and nothing ever happens to her she gets checked every month. She has a 22 year old boyfriend who she has been with for over 6 years and they are on the verge of getting married as soon as he graduates from college. Her boyfriend goes to school full time and work full time and they both share an apartment but her boyfriend works all night and goes to school during the day so they rarely see each other and when they do he is sleeping and too tired for intercourse. This frustrates her because she is used to having sex on a daily basis so she goes out every night in search of a one night stand. And her being as attractive as she is it’s not a problem for her to get what she’s looking for every night. Her boyfriend is unaware of her late night escapades and her overly active sex life outside of their relationship and that’s the way she liked it. One night her boyfriend decides to take the night off and stay home with her she was happy about him being their but when they had sex they both felt something was missing, they both reached their climax but that was it. There was no spark no chemistry just silent breathing and they didn’t know why. He felt like she wasn’t there and her mind was somewhere else and she felt like he was just another guy from the club she goes home with, it was just sex. And a few months after that night he figured out what she had been doing and they are no longer together but she still does the same thing she can’t seem to stop.

It’s so easy for a woman to have sex all she pretty much has to do is walk outside and say I want you to come have sex with me and nine times out of ten the guy would be happy to oblige. For a male it’s easy for them to have sex with a lot of girls when they have girlfriends, it’s my theory that a lot of women want what they feel they can’t have or what another woman has. No matter the shape and size of a woman no matter how attractive or unattractive a woman is there is always a man after what she has between her thighs. Most women feel that men are disposable and if need be she will go somewhere else for instant gratification regardless of the emotional state she can put the male in. a common phrase used by both male and female is “what you won’t do the next one will” it is a phrase a lot of people live by. And to live by that is not a display of love and true affection most likely the person doesn’t mean anything to you if you’re not willing to come to a compromise about who that person is.

Another reason why passion is no longer a factor in the bedroom is what some might call selfish sex. Selfish sex is a person who is only doing it to please themselves and not their partner every time they have intercourse. Take 25 year old john and his girlfriend of 8 years Sasha for example, Sasha loves john dearly she would do anything for him she cooks, clean, does the laundry, iron his clothes, she does whatever he asks her to do but he never returns the favor. John loves getting oral sex sometimes for hours Sasha does it the way she thinks he likes it and she does not ask for it in return but she would like it if he did. John never returns the favor during sex he reaches his climax first and she has to end up masturbating so she can be satisfied. It’s not that john lacks the physical capacity to give her an orgasm it’s just his first instinct is to make sure he is satisfied and he doesn’t think about her being satisfied. She began to notice his selfish ways and she started to lose interest in their sex life gradually. She stopped doing oral sex and she stops trying to please him and she started focusing on herself and masturbating a lot more. She met another guy who painted a picture of the grass being greener on the other side by saying the passion that is missing in her and her boyfriend’s bedroom is with him. She takes his offer and had sex with the guy and she realized that passion was missing from their sex life, he made sure she had an orgasm before he did his main focus was to please her. And she had forgotten what that feels like, after two years of having an affair she left john and married the other guy.

Passion is important in relationships but most people have sex with anybody at anytime when they are aroused. Also I have this theory self esteem and self respect is a important part of a person sexuality people with low self esteem tend to not value their body as much as people with high self esteems. People with self respect will not give their body to anyone and everyone their own opinion of themselves plays an important role in how they live they life.

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